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Binsend is designed to help you simplify collaboration and streamline processes by giving you the ability to securely store and share documents, keep everyone on your team in sync, and easily manage review cycles.

"We work with highly confidential documents and need to be sure that it is secure and that no data leaks can occur. Binsend gives us this confidence and that feels good"

Rob Droppers - Accountant

Simplify every task
with great tools

Designed to streamline your workflow and make your life easier.
Efficient contract reviews

Accelerate your contract review, and streamline your documentation. Easily gather information and go from start to signature in minutes.

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Prepared by client lists in minutes.

Use our powerful template editor to re-use information and work with your clients to create your PBC lists in minutes.

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Connect and sync your data

Track your files without a headache. Easily store, share, and access files with a few clicks. Automatically update to the latest version of your documents and access them anywhere- even when you’re working remotely. This way, everyone on your team will be able to stay on task while working efficiently and collaboratively – producing great results together!

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Approve financial documents in the blink of an eye

Remove administrative bottlenecks and collaborate efficiently. Track progress, analyze user activity, and approve financial documents and contracts in the blink of an eye.

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A solution for every challenge

Whether you are looking for a simple solution or one that offers more detailed insight into your business's operations, our goal is to provide an effective and efficient service for every customer we serve.

Sync your relations
Easily add your relations, invite your colleagues, assign rights and roles and view contact information.
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Build your workflow
Reduce time spent on manual tasks by automating your workflows using our easy-to-use workflow editor and template manager.
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Collaborate effectively
Our collaborative tools offer users a platform to discuss and provide feedback without having to access another third-party application.
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Easy to use, incredible results

A sophisticated yet user-friendly system that allows users access to all documents in one centralized hub.


Excellent tools,
powerful effects

Streamline time-consuming processes and strengthen your organization's core capabilities.

Workspace for any type of project

All features are neatly organized and easily accessible so teams can quickly adapt to their environment without feeling overwhelmed by complexity.

Granular access rights

Our powerful sharing and permissions module offers unparalleled security when managing access to sensitive information. By recording view, edit, create and delete rights of data, users have complete control over who can see or manipulate any given file or folder.

Customizable templates

Templates can be custom tailored to fit each user's exact needs, making it simple to find just the right solution for any project or task.

Your solution to organizing documents

Easy scalability
A High-density solution that allows customers that need a massive number of files to store them with ease. Easily scale your subscription as your needs grow.
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Your solution to securing sensitive data

Real-time protection
Encryptions, and various other precautionary methods - all of which have been implemented to create a protective network barrier around user data. With this sophisticated system in place, you can rest assured that your information is safeguarded against malicious attacks or any other uninvited guests.
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Your solution to communicating effortlessly

Collaborative tools
Chat with your colleagues, customers, and other users in one easy-to-use system. Review documents without using a third-party system.
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Binsend is designed to meet the needs of various industries without restrictions or limitations.