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Binsend offers your team the opportunity to exchange documents quickly and highly secure within an easy-to-use system that reduces time spent on authenticating and approving documents.

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See the progress of the requested documents at all times.
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Easily create a list of the documents that you want to request.
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Making your flows work for you

Every workplace has that one process that is always out of line and chaotic. The good news is that any process can become extensively streamlined and efficient when implemented into a workflow management system.

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Secure storage
Your documents are stored in a highly secure environment. Manage access and determine which information is available to whom.
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Create legally binding signatures in the blink of an eye within a convenient and secure system
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Reduce time spent on manual tasks by automating your workflows using our easy-to-use workflow editor.

Seamless collaboration

Our collaborative tools such as our annotations and Q&A functionality (coming soon) offers users a platform to discuss and provide feedback without having to access another third-party application.

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Powerful Authentication

Binsend uses the latest enterprise grade security standards, best practices and components which are regularly reviewed and updated. Binsend is GDPR compliant, ensuring compliance with various obligations when it collects and processes personal data.

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Simple Validation

Implement legally binding signatures (coming soon) in your workflows to reduce time spent on email and contract management. Our state of the art audit logging ensures that your signatures are legally binding and stored securely in your own workspace environment.

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Customer stories

Don't just hear it from us, hear it from our customers and learn how we've succesfully changed their day-to-day operations.

"Binsend is a product that can be used in many different ways within our organization. It is very flexible and that makes it very valuable to us".

Jurgen Nijhof
Senior Accountant

"We work with highly confidential documents and need to be sure that it is secure and that no data leaks can occur. Binsend gives us this confidence and that feels good".

Rob Droppers
Accountant & ICT Advisor

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