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From creating custom templates and previewing files, to automating workflows and tracking approvals, Binsend provides a one-stop-shop for all your document management needs.


The central places for sharing information in Binsend are called Workspaces. It is where you, as the owner of your workspace, have a place to communicate with your customers. Within the Workspace you can divide (partial) tasks, questions, or files into groups and assign them to specific people.


Create forms to gather information from your end-users. You are able to use different input types, such as radio buttons, checkboxes, text, and file uploads. Gathering and processing information has never been easier.


The template system allows you to create custom templates for your documents, so you can quickly create new documents that follow your preferred format and structure.


The workflows feature includes the ability to assign tasks to specific individuals, set deadlines, and receive notifications when tasks are completed. You can also view the status of your workflows in real-time and monitor the progress of each document through the approval process.

File preview

The file preview module enables you to preview your documents before you share or download them, ensuring that you always know what you're sending.

Document approval module

The document approval module streamlines your document review process by allowing you to get approval from your team members or stakeholders. With this feature, you can track the approval status of your documents and receive notifications when a document has been approved or rejected.


Our enterprise-grade security ensures a single point of truth and establishes secure communication channels between the organisation, their end-users and stakeholders.

Encrypted hosting

Hosting in azure means our services and files are running in a safe and controlled environment with a high level of security that is audited on a regular basis. All your files are stored encrypted within Microsoft's’ datacenter. Files are not publicly accessible by default.

Salted hashed password storage

All passwords are stored as a salted hashed representation (SHA-512). This is a one-way route, as hashed passwords cannot be ‘de-hashed’. Passwords and other user information are not stored in the same database, and the relation between the related records is obfuscated by default.

Latest standards for authorization

Used with the OpenId Connect protocol. OpenId Connect is based on OAuth2, and uses short lived tokens for user authentication. We currently use OpenId Connects’ Authorization code with PKCE hashing flow, which is currently reviewed as the most secure way for handling token based authorization.

Encrypted communication

All communication is authorized and encrypted using TLS and SSL. Although this is currently standard for client-server communication, we also use encrypted communication between our microservices within the cluster using mTLS. We use token based authorization for intercluster communication between microservices. All communication to the databases requires an SSL connection for communication as well.

Microservice architecture

Not ‘one’ system has access to all the data. Every microservice has a small database containing only the data it requires to run. Every database requires different credentials to be accessed by its microservice.

Granular access controls

Binsend’s permission model lets you set granular access controls to grant and restrict capabilities based on specific roles and authorities.

Audit logging

Track every action made by each user. Downloadable logs that ensure one point of truth. Sort on which user did what action, when the action was done, and where the action was done.

External portal

With Binsend's acting as your external portal, you can securely share and receive large amounts of files with your customers in a organized and efficient manner. The portal provides a centralized platform for all customer communication, allowing you to keep track of all interactions and files in one place.

Relationship management

Binsend's relationship management feature allows you to keep track of your business relationships and store important information about your clients, partners, and vendors in one central location.

Integrated Q&A chat system

Binsend's chat system allows you to communicate with your team members and stakeholders in real-time, without having to leave the platform. Whether you're working on a project, reviewing a document, or simply need to ask a question, the chat system makes it easy to connect with your colleagues and keep your projects moving forward.


Binsend's notification system keeps you informed about what's happening with your documents and projects. Whether you're waiting for a document to be approved or need to know when a deadline is approaching, Binsend's notifications keep you in the loop and help you stay on top of your work. With real-time notifications and custom settings, you can control exactly what you're notified about and how you're notified, ensuring that you never miss an important update.

Custom tags

The custom tags feature allows you to categorize and organize your workspaces in a way that makes sense for your business. With custom tags, you can quickly find the documents you need, regardless of how they were filed or stored. Whether you're looking for invoices from a specific client or contracts that were signed in a particular year, the custom tags feature in Binsend makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

Sharing & permissions

Binsend's Sharing & Permissions module allows users to easily share their documents with others and control access levels. This feature provides granular control over who can view, edit, or download the shared files.

Organization & team management

The organization & team Management module is designed to help teams work together more efficiently. The module provides tools for creating teams and setting up user roles and permissions. This makes it easy for team members to access the files they need, while ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure.

Custom branding

Binsend allows users to customize the look and feel of their account to match their brand. The custom branding feature includes options for uploading logos and changing color schemes. This makes it easy for users to ensure that their documents and communication are consistent with their brand, even when sharing with others.
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Build versatile templates

Automate manual tasks in minutes with re-useable templates and reduce administrative overhead.

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Simplify collaboration

Our revolutionary tool simplifies collaboration between colleagues, users, and end-users alike. Users can quickly update and share documents precisely through our intuitive interface, ensuring everyone has access to the most recent information.

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Generate results in minutes

Save time by automatically inserting commonly used information into your documents with a few clicks.

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Excellent user-experience

Manage your projects with ease without feeling overwhelmed.

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State of the art security

All shared files are stored securely while maintaining strict audit trails to provide complete accountability and support compliance with privacy regulations in different countries. This simplifies collaboration between all parties within a secure environment, eliminating any delays caused by traditional methods of file sharing.

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Empower every team
with simple tools

Our collaborative environment allows for quick and easy exchange of both sensitive and non-sensitive documents between individuals without undergoing any complex registration processes or additional paperwork.

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