Release notes - version 2.0

Release notes of version 2.0 of Binsend.

New in this version of Binsend

  • Nested folders and groups

In our previous version you were able to create groups and add your request in there. To structure your workspaces even more, you can now create folders as well. Inside these folders you are able to create infinite folders. To create a folder or group, click the option of your choice when editing your workspace:

To navigate quickly to a previous folder you can use the breadcrumb in the top header of the workspace to navigate to a  parent folder. 

Inside workspaces there are groups as you know them, a place to request files from your clients. There are however some more options to request information from your clients:

  • Form controls

Use the new form controls to request your information. We’ve added the following form controls:

  • Open text 

Need to know just a little bit of information about a client, that doesn’t necessarily requires a document to be uploaded, for example just their first and last name. Simply add an open question to the workspace to ask for such information. 

Choose the single line input if you want to limit the amount of characters your client can provide you with. Choose multi-line input if you want your client to be able to write whole paragraphs.

  • Checkbox

Do you have a question with multiple choice answers? And want your client to be able to pick multiple options? Use a checkbox question to do so.

  • Radio button

Want to ask your client a question with options provided to them, but they will be only allowed to pick one answer? Use a radio button question to do so. 

Of course requesting files from your clients is still an option. To make assessing the files easier we’ve added the following:

  • File preview

No need anymore to download the files you need to assess. Simply click on the uploaded file to view it directly in the portal. Got any questions about the uploaded file? Start a chat on the right side of the file preview. Want to chat about a file request, but nothing has been uploaded yet? Again, just click on the request to open the preview and start a chat. The preview will also inform you when an uploaded file is too large to preview or when an unsupported file type has been uploaded. In this case you can click the download button to download the file.

  • Extra button to start creating everywhere

In the top menu, you’ll find another button where you can start creating workspaces. Now you don’t have to navigate back to the dashboard to start creating a new workspace. Easy!

General improvements in this version of Binsend

  • New styling

The look and feel, especially of workspaces, has changed. 

  • Better drag and drop

You are able to drag and drop on a file request to upload your files. But you are also able to drag and drop on:

  • The whole workspace
  • A folder
  • A group
  • Share directly from the dashboard

Want to share a workspace? Click on the three dots on the workspace you want to share and click share. 

Bug Fixes in this version of Binsend

  • Performance fixes

The general performance has been updated and improved with this release

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