Release notes - version 1.19

Release notes of version 1.19

New in this version of Binsend

  • Audit Logging. Keep track of all the activities inside your organization. Who has opened or modified which workspace? You can find the Audit Log under the settings in the menu bar at the top of the screen. 

  • Doesn’t the portal look good? We’ve made some major improvements on the styling of the portal. Behind the scenes we are working on even more improvements, so stay tuned for them.
  • Buckets are now workspaces. Last week we sent you an email about this change. But again, don’t worry everything is still the same, except for the name. 

General improvements in this version of Binsend

  • Adding people to your organization who already have an account is now possible. 
  • How many workspaces do I have? Your dashboard only displays the 4 workspaces with the most recent activity. The workspaces tab now displays the amount of total active workspaces.
  • Overall better performance, also on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes in this version of Binsend

  • Archived workspaces can’t be modified anymore.
  • Deleting roles/teams is possible again.
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