Binsend X BonsenReuling

A strategic partnership formed through intensive collaboration.

BonsenReuling X Binsend

Requesting documents is a very time-consuming task. An employee spends many hours searching for and retrieving information. For many entrepreneurs it is a challenge to maintain an overview. The accountancy firm BonsenReuling, founded in 1958, also ran into this problem. With 166 professionals serving 1400 customers, clear information management is one of their biggest challenges.

The challenge

To carry out their line of work, BonsenReuling requests large amounts of files from their customers. In many cases this information flow was conducted through email wherein large files and Excel lists were exchanged. As a result, customers of BonsenReuling had no overview of which files had to be delivered when and where. Moreover, there was no overview of what had already been delivered and what had to be done with these files. This was a major challenge for BonsenReuling, which extended the total lead times of their applications.

The solution

In 2020 BonsenReuling actively looked for a secure information management system that could meet their strict requirements. In their search for a safe and customer-friendly system they came into contact with document management system Binsend. BonsenReuling and Binsend joined forces and an intensive collaboration was established to ensure that the product perfectly matched the demands of the market. Thanks to our intensive collaboration with an experienced accountancy & consultancy firm, Binsend is perfectly positioned for the challenges in the workplace.

The result

One of the many benefits of using Binsend within BonsenReuling is the reduction in time required to find files. Due to the advanced workspaces that have been created within Binsend, all files can be found specifically per customer, per request. Binsend is now used for various purposes within BonsenReuling: namely, audits, income tax returns, NOW subsidy, compilation assignments for SME customers. All documents safe and in one place; Binsend.

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