Human Resources

Onboarding in the blink of an eye

Eliminate the need to coordinate between multiple departments or hunt for stored documents, streamlining the onboarding process and setting new hires up for success.

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The most efficient way to create PBC lists

Tailored for Accountants
Customizable PBC lists
Enhanced Security
All-in-one Client Portal
Intuitive Interface
Centralized Document Management
Comprehensive Audit Trails
Scalable Solution
Time-Saving Automation
Dedicated Support
Why Binsend?

Set-up new hires for success

Binsend simplifies onboarding by providing a convenient hub for accessing documents and resources. This eliminates the need to coordinate between multiple departments or search through unorganized files.

Manage your hub

Easily onboard new hires by providing clear information and questions using our forms and templates tooling.

Prevent data leakage

Customizable access settings ensure that each person has access to only the information they need - providing an extra layer of security against unauthorized data leakage.

Collaborate effectively

Collaborate from anywhere. Comment, discuss and work together with your colleagues and users from any device.

Build versatile templates

Automate manual tasks in minutes with re-useable templates and reduce administrative overhead.

Simplify collaboration

Our revolutionary tool simplifies collaboration between colleagues, users, and end-users alike. Users can quickly update and share documents precisely through our intuitive interface, ensuring everyone has access to the most recent information.

Generate results in minutes

Save time by automatically inserting commonly used information into your documents with a few clicks.

Excellent user-experience

Manage your projects with ease without feeling overwhelmed.

Powerful forms

Streamline collaboration

Increase productivity exponentially, eliminate mundane tasks from your daily workflow and focus on larger initiatives.


Connect with your existing relations by importing them into Binsend.


Manage multiple projects without losing focus.


Easily collaborate with colleagues and customers.


All-in-one platform providing a user-friendly experience.


Permissions module that allows you to secure sensitive information.


All your files are located in one clear and secure workspace.


Customize your dashboard and manage your preferences.


Safe, secure, and compliant storage using the latest secure encryption.

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