How binsend works

Binsend is a platform that allows you to easily and securely exchange files with different people. The benefit of binsend is that it provides overview and structure in your daily workflow.

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The method within binsend to exchange files from person to person works through so-called workspaces.

A workspace is a collection point from which files are sent or requested. Multiple workspaces can be created that can be shared with different users. Additionally, a workspace provides insight into the progress of the file exchange.

Binsend workspace example
Binsend template example


With a template you can efficiently exchange a series of files within a workspace. A template is a predefined list of files and workflows (coming soon). When creating a workspace, you can use one or more templates that you have set up yourself. A multifunctional and flexible system customizable to your needs.


Binsend offers a portal wherein your platform can be centrally managed. This allows every organisation to set up binsend according to their own desired working method. This way you can easily invite your own employees, assign rights and roles and view your statistics and logs.

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Why Binsend?

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Your documents are in a secure environment. Manage access yourself and determine which information is available to whom.

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Immediately see which documents have been submitted, approved or rejected. View progress anywhere, anytime.

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One place for the entire document exchange process. Save time through clear communicaion and binsend's smart workflow.

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User-friendly environment that easily integrates into your organization.